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St. George & St. Demiana
St. Mary’s Spiritual Vineyard has well furnished and well lit rooms of various sizes which can comfortably accommodate between three and five occupants. Current facilities include St. George, a dormitory for men, and St. Demiana, a dormitory for women, each with their own bathroom facilities.

St. Mark's House
St. Mark's house is a large facility divided into male and female floors each with bathroom facilities. It features a cozy open area, complete with a working fireplace, perfect for small meetings or mediation.

Seclusion Chambers
These rooms are reserved for clergy and their families while visiting the Vineyard for a spiritual vacation or while with their congregation on a retreat. These rooms are furnished with their own full bathrooms, microwaves and refrigerators.

St. Mercurious House & St. Athanasius Rectory
St. Mercurious House is reserved for His Holiness during papal visits to the Vineyard. The St. Athanasius rectory, complete with private chapel, accommodates ten Bishops in individual rooms.

Reservations are required in advance for any groups or individuals who are planning an overnight stay. Make a reservation now.